Listed below are the brochures, software and manuals available for download. Note that any reference to price, location or contact information refers to Newgy USA the parent company, not Newgy Australia.

Robo-Soft 2.24 EXE (659 KB)
Robo-Sequencer (BETA) EXE (896 KB)
Product Brochures & Price Lists
Newgy Robots Brochure PDF (2.3 MB)
Accessories Brochure PDF (1.1 MB)
Owners Manuals & Instructions
Robo-Pong 1050/2050 Manual PDF (3.0 MB)
Transformer ID Chart PDF (54 KB)
Robo-Pong 540/1040/2040 Manual (English) PDF (1.0 MB)
Newgy Training Manual PDF (3.6 MB)
Robo-Pong 540/1040/2040 Manual (French) PDF (842 KB)
Recycling Net Upgrade Kit PDF (108 KB)
Robo-Pong 540/1040/2040 Manual (German) PDF (840 KB)
40mm Upgrade Kit PDF (341 KB)
Pong-Master Owners Manual PDF (908 KB)
540 Upgrade Kit PDF (84 KB)
Robo-Caddy Instructions PDF (614 KB)
Ball Catch Net II PDF (326 KB)
Pong-Pal Instructions PDF (215 KB)
Barrier Instructions PDF (100 KB)
Technical Bulletins
March 10, 2009 – Technical Service Bulletin #3 PDF (1.8 MB)
Parts Information and Price Lists
Model 1929 Parts Conversion Chart PDF (70 KB)
Parts/Assembly Diagrams PDF (1.2 MB)