What Newgy Model is Best for You?


To help you sort out which model is suitable for you and still fits in your budget, below a simplified summary of all the Newgy robots.

Robo-Pong 540: (RRP AUD$350)
The Robot-Pong 540 may be the entry model robot for the Newgy range, but it is a highly capable robot offer a wide range of spins and parissportifsensuisse.com/ speeds, and a large ball container. The light weight yet sturdy construction makes it highly portable, and easy to take with you wherever you go! This is easily the best value robot, as it offers the full range of spins, and you can still vary the spin/speed and repetition rate! It allows you to practice your full range of strokes and fine-tune them.

Robo-Pong 1040 – Oscillates! – (RRP AUD$500)
This robot is the next step up and is great for intermediate and tournament level players. Includes all features of Robo-Pong 540, plus oscillation and more powerful speed/frequency controls. Bucket Extender expands ball capacity for longer continuous play. For players that want to add footwork routines to their practice, or make the excercise a bit more vigorous, the extra oscillation made (head moves from side to side) is a feature well worth it!

Robo-Pong 1050 – Programmable! – (RRP AUD$715)
I don’t think there’s ANY programmable robot on the market that comes even close to this price! Revolutionary digital controls mean easy, exact regulation of ball speed, wait time, and landing spot. Normal Mode gives www.parissportifsensuisse.com you simple manual control over each function. In Drill Mode, run any of the 64 drills stored on the controller. Use PC Mode to create and save drills using a simple interface, then run those drills direct from your PC. Setup Mode lets you calibrate motors to a set standard and select your desired language. Intelligent design allows selection of favored hand so drills run correctly for either right-handers or left-handers. Or tell your robot to throw balls for 5 minutes, and it will automatically calculate how many balls will be thrown in that time.

Robo-Pong 2040 – Recycles balls! – (RRP AUD$1050)
The Robo-Pong 2040 robot can do everything Robo-Pong 1040 does and more. Recycling Net captures your returns and recycles the balls for non-stop action! All the balls hit anywhere  in the recycling net are fed back into the robot. Plug in optional Pong-Master for a fun target game to hone your accuracy and consistency or use it as a timer for your drills. This has always been the most popular of the Newgy range, although the 2 new digital robots (1050 & 2050) might take over this spot!

Robo-Pong 2050 – Programmable + Recycles balls! – (RRP AUD$1250)This the top of the range model, for truly serious players who demand the best! The 2050 model includes all the digital and programmable http://www.parissportifsensuisse.com/ abilities of the 1050, but also offer the Recycling Net system for non-stop action!

Hopefully this guide will help you choose which robot is most suitable for you, and which ones may be worth the extra money to go up to the next model.