Newgy Industries, Inc. is the world leader in table tennis (ping-pong®) robots/ball machines. Newgy is renowned for high quality, smartly engineered table tennis products that are also affordable.

Newgy Robo-Pong® is an interactive robot used to play and practice table tennis anytime, without a partner! Robo-Pong is one of the best home-use games for family fun and entertainment, as well as for fitness and exciting competition. It is also used by professional and Olympic table tennis players to practice and train.

Available in several models, including two new Digital models, Robo-Pong fits all standard ping-pong® tables, and is easy to set up, use, take down and store.

In addition to the Robo-Pong, Newgy also manufactures a variety of other table tennis robot accessories, such as Pong-Master, Robo-Tote, Robo-Caddy, Robo-Balls and Pong-Pal.