Newgy Robo-Pong 1040

Newgy Robo-Pong 1040

This robot is the next step up and is great for intermediate and tournament level players. Includes all features of Robo-Pong 540 plus oscillation and more powerful speed/frequency controls. Bucket Extender expands ball capacity for longer continuous play. The light weight yet sturdy construction makes it highly portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Since this unit is placed on top of the table instead behind it, it can offer you a much wider ranges of angles, allowing you to simulate more senarios of real play. Note: the 1041 (also called 1040A) is a 1040 with some enhancements, to improve the ball delivery mechanism. Box and robots are still labelled as 1040.

Specifications For Robot Pong 1040A
Topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, combination spins
Shot Selection
Push, chop, serve, drive, lob, fast loop
Head Angle
Adjust from low (serves) to high (lobs)
Power Source
Australian Standard
Set-Up & Take Down
Quick and easy set-up and take down take less than 5 minutes.
No assembly or tools required.
Can be used on all known commercial table tennis tables
Remote Control
Convenient control box enables quick adjustments without stopping play
Limited one-year warranty. Parts available worldwide.
ITEM 540 1040A 2040A
Balls per minute, max. 63 94 94
Balls per minute, min. 13 26 26
Ball speed (MPH), max. 70 75 75
Ball speed (MPH), min. <10 <10 <10
Ball capacity, 40mm 86 200 120*
Ball capacity, 38mm 93 240 120*
Oscillator ranges 0 8 8
Remote Controls** S,F,P S,F,O,P S,F,O,P
*Recommended capacity, balls recycle
**S=Speed, F=Frequency, O=Oscillator, P=Power
Some specifications may vary slightly from robot to robot.

Robot-Pong 1041 Package Includes:

  • Ball Thrower (With Oscillation)
  • Ball Bucket
  • Full size Control Box
  • Transformer (Australian standard)
  • Connector Cable
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Carton Size 65 x 38 x 32cm
  • Carton Weight 6kg

Newgy Robots come with a standard 1 year limited Australian warrantee.


(From OOAK Table Tennis Reviews)

The 1040 model is virtually identical to the 2040, apart from the ball container and recycling net. The robots and controls are virtually the same, so the review of the Newgy 2040 very much applies to the 1040 as binomo well.

The controller allows you to adjust the oscillation speed, the frequency and the speed of the ball… the more speed the more spin.

The head can be tilted, allowing you to get different angles at which the ball are projected. By rotating the head, you can achieve the different spins (ie topspin, sidespin (both) and backspin).

The fact that you can place the unit anywhere, either on any position on the table, or even a position next to the table, actually offers you a lot of flexibility that fixed units don’t have. For example you can place the unit close to the net to give faster binomo adalah balls, or well behind the table for long range balls. People commonly put the unit onto to a chair with height adjustment behind the table, offering even more options and balls. It’s really up to you and your imagination on how you can use this unit.

It is a simple robot, but very easy to setup and use and has proven to be quite reliable. It does have some limitations, but that’s to be expected with the cheap pricetag, but also it’s flexibility as mentioned above, that many people may not have considered. The unit is highly portable… you simple put it anywhere, plug it in, and away you go!

It makes a very handy and cheap training tool for practicing certain strokes or drills.

A seperate catching net can be purchased from some retailers, which help collect the balls. Otherwise binomo web one of those pipes that pick up the balls would come in very handy.